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Not too many people care about their patients the way this man does. They just don't make them like that anymore. He is thorough, responsive, and smart. You can tell he's passionate about his work.

Kim C.
Ladera Ranch, CA

Dr. Reiter is simply the best ophthalmologist around. I have been extremely nearsighted since childhood, and went to him for 20 years for regular stuff. He kept my vision and health of my eyes in tip top shape. A few years ago I changed jobs and due to all this nonsense nat'l insurance business, I had to make the decision to change doctors since Dr Reiter was no longer an option on my new plan. What a disaster. Long story short, I had such a bad experience last 3 years with other dr that I just paid out of pocket to go back to Dr Reiter for 2nd opinion. W/in 5 minutes he discovered that at 48 I had a very bad cataract in my right eye. The other doctor never noticed this and just kept throwing power at it, none of which worked so I had terrible vision last 18 months.

Dr. Reiter just performed flawless cataract surgery on me and I can now see perfectly on that eye! The surgery with his team was a breeze. No pain whatsoever, not even the slightest feelings of irritation before, during or after. Simply amazing to me! He is very particular with instructions which I followed to the letter. He is extremely thorough and competent and has a very nice manner about him which is calming and reassuring. I highly recommend him! I am sticking with a sure thing despite the fact he isn't on my insurance!

Hillary N.
Costa Mesa, CA

I have been a patient of Dr. Reiter's for more than ten years and during that time he has fitted me with monovision contact lenses that enabled me to go with out eyeglasses. He happily made adjustments to my prescriptions, as needed, tweaking the lens power to give me the best possible vision. He has been tracking a growing cataract in my eye and the time had come for surgery. He recommended that I watch the surgical procedure on YouTube which familiarized me with what was going to take place during the surgery so it was not scary.. During the pre- op exam he found evidence of a condition that he felt would not respond well to laser surgery and multi focal lens.. After studying the data, he decided to fit me with an implanted lens that allows me to continue to have monovision. I truly appreciated his conservative solution. He performed the surgery yesterday withoutstanding results. Looking forward to the surgery on my other eye in two weeks. Great office staff and service. Definitely 5 stars.

Babs Rose M.
Newport Beach, CA

My name is Cory M. I was a new patient to the office and called in the same day at 9 am for a last minute appt. Since i had a metal foreign object lodged in my eyeball. The staff was great she said come right over and will get you in. Arrived 15 minutes later walked in and a very warm inviting staff very clean and cozy office. Was brought right in and in 20 minutes the doctor had it out. I was amazed as to how sharp the doctor was and was very understanding and educational to what happened and the recovery for my eye. Could not imagine going blind this office has my business and referrals forever thanks again for being compassionate and not capitalizing on the moment. There fees are very reasonable giving you only have 2 eyes. Thanks

Cory M.
Costa Mesa, CA

Dr. Reiter provided me with the best medical service imaginable. I had cataract surgery and the operation was surprising trouble free. No pain or side effects at all. Dr. Reiter is also very personable and caring, as is his staff as well. When I became anxious about the surgery (before I had it) he talked with me and was very understandable. Now that the surgery is completed, it's as if I see a whole new world. I recommend him as highly as possible.

B B.
Tustin, CA

I will do James O. one better: I would give Dr. Reiter 7 stars if I could.

My story is that I needed to have cataract surgery in both eyes and I was a very cfomplicated medical case. I'll spare you the details of why but suffice it to say that it was a challenge to give me vision that would come close to even 20-40 after the surgery. I knew from friends in the medical community that Dr. Reiter has a reputation as an "opthamologist's opthamologist." Other opthamologists send him especially complex cases and patients come to see him from all over the world. So I decided to have him do my cataract surgeries on both eyes.

In sum, I obtained spectacular results. I now see 20-20 with one eye and 20-15 with the other with no side effects. And this is someone who before the surgery (and since I was about 12) couldn't cross a room without bumping into things because I was so extremely far-sighted without my corrective lenses. Dr. Reiter's follow-up care was also exceptional. For example,when I went for my first follow-up visit after my first surgery, Dr. Reiter saw a possible issue with my retina that, out of cauton, he wanted a retina specialist to look at, and although it was about 5:30m p.m., he was able to get me in to see the specialist about 15 minutes later. Now that's service! (Fortunately, the retina specialist said I was ok.)

James G.
Laguna Beach, CA

I have been a patient of Dr. Reiter's for over 20 years. He is the finest Dr that I have ever met. He is knowledgable, professional and truly cares about his patients. I recently had cataract surgery from Dr. Reiter. He explained the proceedure to me in a way that I could understand. His follow up after surgery was the best. I got great results from my surgery, and would highly recommend Dr. Reiter and his caring staff.

Stephanie G.
Newport Beach, CA

I am amazed at the technology that has given me great eye sight without glasses and contacts. I cannot be happier with Dr. Reiter and his staff. This was one of the best things that I could do for myself all thanks t Dr. Reiter's suggestions and expertise.

Jim M.
Newport Beach, CA

I think Gary Reiter is best surgeon in orange county. when i visit in clinic they attends me and help me out from my problem. Very Knowledgeable and well qualified Cataract Surgeon Gary Reiter.

Thanks Dr. Reiter

Nancy S.
Orange, CA

I would give Dr. Reiter and his staff 6 stars if I could. He was highly recommended for cataract surgery by a friend. He emphasized how careful Dr. Reiter is, I agree and I truly feel that it played a big role in the great results I got.

James O.
Costa Mesa, CA

I have just had cataract surgery with Dr. Reiter and am most pleased. My vision is terrific and I can do without glasses. Dr. Reiter and his staff are top notch and the whole experience was painless and smooth. I would highly recommend Dr. Reiter for your ophthalmic needs. You only get two eyes so you need to have the very best in the business of eye care.

Betty G.
Newport Beach, CA

I have worn glasses for 65 years. Dr. Reiter suggested that I have cataract surgery on my last visit. I was impressed by the time he took in explaining the surgical process. He took about 45 minutes to explain the operation. I was completely at ease during the operations. He does one eye and then about two weeks later the other eye. I expected to see better after the first operation but when I realized that I was shaving without my glasses I was amazed. I have now had the second eye done and the results are spectacular. I can read and watch television without glasses. I was totally dependent on glasses before. If you are considering a Ophthalmologist go to Dr. Reiter. He takes the time to make you comfortable and his staff is outstanding.


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